Sunday, May 24, 2009


Wow, so many things to update about. Sorry for not doing so the last few days! Hmmm, so what has happened since the last time I've updated?

1) Move over world, a new killer's on the road!
Well, almost. =P I passed my driver's test a few weeks back, and have been driving around in my mum's City and dad's Kia. Still have to adjust to the cars though. =)

2) Physics project passed!
Rube Goldberg project passed and performed superbly. Curious as to how it went? Refer one post back and click on the link provided. Note: You must be logged in to facebook to be able to view it.

And today? Woke up in the morning to discover that our neighbour's one and only koi fish that was residing in our pond had mysteriously died and was found floating on the water. Cause of death was not known though. =/

My job? I tried digging a grave for it in the 'backyard' and successfully obtained two gigantic blisters on my left hand while handling the hoe. Rest in peace fishy.


Maths assignment is @$$! =P

Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm not dead yet. Just coping with assignments, projects, lab reports.

In the meantime, please do witness our pride and joy:

EDIT: Okay, slight problem with the video dimensions. Watch it here!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Momma's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I'm never good at this mushy stuff, so I'll come straight out: No matter how it may seem that I'm angry at you, no matter the times I may have snapped back at you, deep down, I want you to know that I will always love you mum. Without you, where would we be in this place called Earth?

Photo taken by Dad. ;P

Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st May bonanza

Well yeah, so yesterday was an extra holiday for us. That meant an extra long weekend for us! =D Well, the S3 Malaysia-Monash took advantage of this extra day for a sleepover at my house. We hung around Sunway Pyramid on Thursday, having dinner with another of our collegmates, Wei Hsien. Lepak till about 9pm, then Gabriel, Edward, Gene, Jia Yean, Amanda and I made our way back home.

Had one round of Squad Seven, a few rounds of poker (which I undoubtedly lost) with while some went over to the computers for a LAN game (Age of Mythology I think). Lights out at around 2am.

In case you didn't know what Squad Seven looked like, here it is. A unique game, where you depend on your sight, hearing and agility instead of standard dice rolls.

Woke up at 8.30am, found them lying round in various sleeping positions. Gabriel, who took the sofa initally, ended up sleeping on the floor because Edward took the 2-man matress for himself. Haha, Eddie was so cold he wrapped himself up with the matress to avoid the 'sandstorm'. Jia Yean was already up, and Gene was wrapped in a coccoon with the help of his blanket.

Had breakfast at Little Ben, a nearby concept restaurant. Wanted to go to the club for gym and a round of futsal. However, no such luck there as gym was reserved for members only, and they had taken down the futsal and basketball courts. :(

Returned back home to a small field where we eventually had our round of football under the hot blazing sun. Boy was I cooked like a potato! xD

In a nutshell, we had a great time, and I have lots of souvenirs (toiletries and scrunchies which were left behind. :P Gonna have to return them to their various owners on Monday!


Went to Monash today for the Mid-Sem buddy-buddee meet. Very sleepy though, but I had fun. Got to know a few seniors and freshies better, and had a game of basketball. I have not touched the ball since..... 2 years? o_0

Well, off to do my assignments, which have been piling up without me knowing. :/

PS: Camera's still missing, so apologies for the lack of pictures.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mid-sems over

So the mid semester exams are over, and it was kinda fun. Dynamics was a killer though. As Nicholas Lim would say: "Die-namics". Anyways, today was the final paper, physics. A bit tough, almost couldn't finish the questions.

Blerrgh. Enough about exams. :P

Went out with a few of my college/uni-mates to Sunway Pyramid today to meet up with an old friend. Ended up in Redbox. Estimated price was about RM8, but we spent RM16 on 'karaoke'ing. Have to cut costs this week.

Slight sore throat now due to belting out tunes at the tops of our voices. My voice is kinda funny, the songs are either one octave too high, or one octave too low for me to cope with at times, thus having to crack my voice to keep up.


I came up with this 'news report' while chatting with Jia Yean over msn:

In other news, a truckload of crayons were hijacked earlier this afternoon. Witnesses say that a furry little red humanoid looking creature with an orange nose is believed to be the suspect. Authorities are trying to bait said suspect into the open by playing the "Elmo's world" song, which many claim would bring the suspect scurrying out to join hands with the source and start dancing.

Be warned of the red furry creature! ;o

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, I spent the last weekend supposedly studying. Note the use of the word 'supposedly'. Well anyways, my friends from the School of Engineering came over for a BBQ party at my house last Saturday. Well, it was a blast! :D

Yun Xin, Wei Leong, Darren and I even sneaked out for a while to get a birthday cake for Eric (which, by the time I post this, will be your birthday! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! =D).

Eric and my sis.

Coming back, we left the cake in the car and mingled a bit more. At around 10pm we took the cake out and surprised Eric, who was waiting in the sauna kitchen with the rest of the group.

The only let down was when my sister insisted that she cut Eric's cake and made a mess out of it, getting her hands everywhere. Sorry guys! >_<

Pictures credited to Joon Loong and Daniel Lau as I do not have my camera. I think it really is lost. *sigh* Thanks to Lindley for uploading the pictures to facebook!

Barbecue pit. Charcoal's roasting good.

Add some chicken, slather some honey and butter on it. Mmm.

Fruit/Jelly-eaters Extraordinaire!

Us in various stages of jumping. =)

Many thanks to Yun Xin and Shi Yunn for organising this event and making it happen! Thanks also to Wei Leong, Eric and Lindley who came over early to help out prepare the dishes! Many more thanks to all who helped with the grill, pit, and preparing the tables! But most of all, thanks for coming, and hope you had a blast!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If lost, please contact...

Yus, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been turning my house inside out to find my camera. You heard it right, I lost my camera. :/ I've checked Monash, the house, and even outside the house, you may never know where it went. I think it got fed uup of me taking to many random pictures that my camera just grew legs and ran away. D:

Next week's exam week, so you won't be hearing much from me. I'll be so busy drowning in various engineering subjects, trying to recall what our lecturers taught us in the past weeks.

See 'ya around!